Dr Theoni K. Georgiou (Θεώνη Γεωργίου)

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Theoni obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Cyprus in 2001, followed by a PhD in 2006 in Polymer Chemistry entitled “Star polymers for gene delivery and star-based polymeric networks” under the supervision of Professor Costas Patrickios. She then worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor Antonios G. Mikos at the Department of Bioengineering at Rice University in the USA. In October 2007, after she was awarded an RCUK Academic Fellowship, she moved to the UK to join the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull. In January 2014 she joined the Department of Materials at Imperial College as a Lecturer and in September 2016 she was promoted to a Senior Lecturer. In 2017 she was awarded the 2016 Macro Group UK Young Researchers Medal for “contributions to polymer science which show outstanding promise for the future”. In September 2019 she was promoted to a Reader in Polymer Chemistry.

She is a member of the MacroGroup UK committee (and acting chair since July 2019), the Materials Chemistry Division (MCD) Council of the RSC and the European Polymer Federation committee. She is also a member of the editorial advisory board of the European Polymer Journal and Polymer Chemistry.





Dr Anna Constantinou

Anna obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cyprus in 2014 and an MSc in Advanced Materials in 2015 from the Department of Materials at Imperial College. Her Masters thesis was entitled "Thermo-responsive Gels based on ABC triblock copolymers: Effect of composition and hydrophobicity" and won jointly the 2015 AWE William Penney Prize (Department award). For her MSc thesis she was also awarded the James S Walker Award by the IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining). This award is given for a published paper or unpublished project report by a student on the subject of polymers. She then undertook her PhD with the group, from 2015 to 2018 entitled “Thermoresponsive Gels: How do the structural parameters affect the gelation properties?”. She was then awarded the prestigious EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship (2018-2019) and is currently a fellow in the group working on a variety of projects.

Dr Maria Mediero (co-supervised with Professor Alexandra Porter)

Maria is a Chemical Engineer (PhD, MEng), working at the interface between chemical process development and materials characterisation. After completing her Chem Eng studies at the University of Valladolid (Spain) in 2007, she joined the National Centre for Industrial Microwave Processing at Nottingham University (UK), working as a Marie Curie Research Fellow under the direction of Professor Sam Kingman. In this role she worked in the use of microwave technology applied to different industrial processes (coke making, biomass treatment, extraction of essential oils, and treatment of contaminated soils). She then moved to the University of Cambridge, and obtained a PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy in 2016. Her PhD thesis entitled “Imaging and Analysis of Heterogeneous Catalysts at the Micro- and Nano- scale” was supervised by Professor Paul Midgley and co-supervised by Professor Lynn Gladden (Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology). In 2019 she joined the group as a Research Associate co-supervised by Dr Theoni Georgiou and Professor Alex Porter,working in the EPSRC project “Characterisation of Nanoplastics in Environmental Conditions”. This project seeks to gain a better understanding of micro and nanoplastics properties and develop new methods for predicting the degradation of these materials in the environment.


Mr Dean Carroll (co-supervised with Professor Natalie Stingelin)

Dean graduated with an MChem degree from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull. He joined ICL as a PhD student in October 2015. He is currently working on several projects on advancing Group Transfer Polymerisation.

Miss Birsen Somuncuoglu

Birsen obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Hull and an MSc from the Department of Chemistry at University of Warwick. She joined ICL in January 2017 for her PhD studies and she is currently working on fabricating particles using emulsion templating.

Mr Xinmo Zhang

Xinmo obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at Xiamen University in 2015 and and MSC in Advance Chemical Engineering in 2016 from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College. He is currently doing a PhD in polymer chemistry with emphasis on the self-assembly of block copolymers.

Mr Lee (William) Yu (co-supervised with Professor Julian Jones)

William obtained his BASc in Materials Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada. He finished his MRes in Nanomaterials at Imperial College London in 2017 October, and is now doing his PhD at Imperial College focusing on nanoparticles for cancer-treatment applications.

Mr Bailin Feng (co-supervised with Professor Alexandra Porter)

Bailin obtained a BSc degree in Polymer from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Sichuan University in 2016 and MSc degree in Polymer Science and Technology in 2017 from the Department of Materials at Loughborough University. He joined ICL in January 2018 and he is currently doing a PhD in polymer chemistry about polymersome formulations.

Miss Qian Li

Qian Li obtained her BSc in Materials Science and Engineering from the Wuhan University of Technology, China in 2016. She finished her MSc in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London in 2017 October and she is now undertaking her PhD thesis focusing on thermoresponsive polymers.

Miss Joana Correia (co-supervised with Professor Alexandra Porter)

Joana obtained her BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Middlesex University in 2016, and MSc degree in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine from University College London in 2017. She joined ICL in October 2018 as a PhD student, focusing on biodegradable polymers for gene delivery in cancer treatment applications.


Mr Bobby Qiu (co-supervised with Professor Alex Porter (PI))


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Miss Linli Yu

Mr Kaiwen Zhang

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Miss Hongke Ji

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