ResEARCH Interests

The group is interested in investigating the effect of polymer structural characteristics on the properties and applications of polymer based materials. We have a special interest in well-defined block copolymers, linear, star and gels (physical, covalently linked as well as microgels). Applications of these polymer based materials vary from polymers for drug and gene delivery, tissue engineering, photothermal therapy and imaging to stabilising dispersions, emulsions and particles. We are always interested in expanding to new areas through collaborations. So please contact us!

Current Research Projects

The GPG's research is multidisciplinary and includes a wide range of projects in the area of polymer science and engineering. Some of these projects are:

Figure: Self-assembled polymers structures; from spherical micelles to polymersomes and worm-like micells.

  • Synthesis and characterisation of well-defined block copolymers
  • Self-assembly of block copolymers
  • Thermoresponsive polymers; injectable gels
  • Block based covalently-linked networks (gels)
  • Engineering polymers for drug and gene delivery
  • Polymer based nanoparticles
  • Hybrid polymer-glass materials for tissue engineering (in collaboration with Professor Julian Jones)
  • Polymeric macrosurfactants for stabilising emulsions, dispersions and particles
  • Self-propelling gels
  • Microgel fabrication using lab-on-a-chip devices (in collaboration with Professor Nicole Pamme at the University of Hull)


Current and Past Collaborators

  • Professor Alex Porter (microscopy, Imperial College London, UK)
  • Dr Cecilia Mattevi (graphene oxide-polymer based materials, Imperial College London, UK)
  • Professor Julian Jones (glass-polymer hybrid materials, Imperial College London, UK)
  • Professor Natalie Stingelin (P3HT particles, optical materials, membranes, Imperial College London, UK)
  • Dr Tommy Horozov (emulsions and colloids, University of Hull, UK)
  • Professor Nicole Pamme (microgels using microfluidics, University of Hull, UK)
  • Dr Martin Buzza (theoretical modeling, University of Hull)
  • Professor Paul Fletcher (water in water emulsions, University of Hull)
  • Professor Bela Ivan (PIB amphiphilic networks, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)