I could not help but quoting my favourite author:

«Ιδανικός δάσκαλος είναι εκείνος που γίνεται γέφυρα για να περάσει αντίπερα ο μαθητής του κι όταν πια του έχει διευκολύνει το πέρασμα, αφήνεται χαρούμενα να γκρεμιστεί, ενθαρρύνοντας το μαθητή να φτιάξει δικές του γέφυρες» Νίκος Καζαντζάκης

“Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.”  Nikos Kazantzakis

I wish all the past members of the group all the best; to have a successful career but more importantly a healthy and happy life. Good luck guys! Theoni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Anna Li Volsi, 2018 (Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, ICL)

Dr Justin Chung, 2017 (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)

Dr Louise Connell, 2015 (currently at Unilever)


Dr Saif Ur Rehman (graduated from Imperial College London in 2018, co-supervised by Professor Natalie Stingelin)

Dr Bingyuan Lu (graduated from the University of Hull in 2017, supervised by Dr Georgiou and Professor Nicole Pamme at the University of Hull)

Dr Anna Fricker (graduated from Imperial College London in 2016, supervised by Dr Georgiou and Professor David McPhail)

Dr Justin Chung (graduated from Imperial College London in 2015, supervised by Professor Julian Jones (PI) and Dr Georgiou)

Dr Negar Ghasdian (graduated from the University of Hull in 2014, co-supervised by Professor Fletcher and Dr Buzza)


Miss Caoimhe Joyce (co-supervised with Dr Fang Xie). “Gold Nanostar Polymer based Particles for Photothermal Therapy” 2017

Mr Yu Lin Lee (co-supervised with Professor Natalie Stingelin). “Conjugated Polymer based Particles for Photothermal Therapy” 2017

Mr Uriel Marie-Sainte (co-supervised with Dr Iain Dunlop). “Cancer-Targeting Nanoparticles: New Chemical Approaches for Enhanced Scalability and Precision" 2017

Mr Kevin Legrand (co-supervised with Dr Cecilia Mattevi) "Graphene-polymer particles for photothermal therapy". 2016


Miss Qian Li. "Thermoresponsive Injectable Gels" 2017

Miss Beini Zhan "Injectable Gels based on Multi-block Copolymers” 2017

Miss Fatiya Nabila "Mutli Block Copolymers for 3D Printing”. 2017

Miss Sally Al Arawi Mutli Block Copolymers for 3D Printing” 2017

Mr Toby Brock "Injectable Gels" 2017

Mr Ignacio Medina Fernandez (co-supervised with Dr Alex Porter). “miRNA Delivery Using Polymer Carriers” 2017

Mr Yichao Hu (Polymeric oil-water separation membranes). 2016

Miss Laura Finnegan (co-supervised with Dr Cecilia Mattevi) "Graphene-polymer nanocomposites for photothermal therapy". 2016

Mr Tian Lan "Characterisation of the thermorsponsive triblock copolymers" 2016

Miss Katerina Mouliadou "Triblock copolymers for 3-dimensional printing". 2016

Miss Nik Nik Sharifulden (co-supervised with Dr Cecilia Mattevi) "Fabrication and characterisation of graphene/Molydenum Disulfide - polymer nanocomposites for photothermal therapy". 2016

Miss Hanyi Zhao "injectable gels based on thermoresponsive methacrylate polymers" 2016

Mr Lihui Peng (co-supervised with Iain Dunlop) "Micellar behaviour of self-assembled polymersand their ability of forming gold nanoparticles". 2016

Miss Anna Constantinou: "Thermo-responsive Gels based on ABC triblock copolymers: Effect of composition and hydrophobicity". 2015

Miss Hamizah Mohd Nor (co-supervised with Dr Cecilia Mattevi): 􀀒"Synthesis and Characterisation of Graphene/polymer Dispersions for Photothermal Therapy". 2015 

Miss Rhanda Tajdeen (co-supervised with Dr Cecilia Mattevi): "Synthesis and Characterisation o Graphene/polymer Dispersions". 2015

Mr Jing (Leon) Lee: "Amphiphilic Microgels". 2015

Miss Beverly Andrew. Title of thesis:  “Injectable Gels for Tissue Engineering”. 2012

Miss Nadiyah Alahmadi. Title of thesis: “Surface Activity of Block Copolymers”. Co-supervisor: Dr T. Horozov, 2010

Miss Er Yee Kwan. Title of thesis: “Synthesis and Surface Activity of Block Copolymers”. Co-supervisor: Dr T. Horozov, 2010

Miss Raduan Norsadiah. Title of thesis: “Synthesis and Surface Activity of Block Copolymers”. Co-supervisor: Dr T. Horozov, 2009

Undergraduate Students (Final Year Project Students)

Mr Tristan Dell "Gas permeability of silicone based polymers" 2017

Mr Neil Sam-Soon "Injectable gels based on thermoresponsive copolymers" 2017

Mr Adelowo Rhodes "Injectable gels based on multiblock copolymers" 2017

Miss Araya Taechamahaphant "Synthesis and characterisation of "smart" amphiphilic model polymer networks" 2016.

Mr Andrew Halls "Polymer Coating and their Antimicrobial Properties" (co-supervised with Professor Mary Ryan (PI))

Miss Melissa McDonald, “Responsive Microgels for Drug Delivery Fabricated Using Microfuidics” Co-supervisor: Dr Nicole Pammer, 2013

Miss Trish Mativenga, “Microgelsprepared on a lab-on-a-chip device” Co-supervisor: Dr Nicole Pammer, 2013

Miss Rosie Kirk, "Well-defined olymeric-conjugates for MR-imaging," Co-supervisor: Dr Steve Archibald, 2013

Miss Samantha Swarbrick, “Thermoresponsive polymers as injectable gels,” 2013

Mr Tim Clitherow, “Responsive Microges,” Primary Supervisor: Professor Vesko Paunov, 2013

Mr John Pegg, “Water in water emulsions using PEGylated particles” Primary Supervisor: Professor Paul Fletcher, 2013.

Miss Tsega Belachew, “Porphyrin-based Polymeric Conjugates for Photodynamic Therapy,” Primary Supervisor: Professor Ross Boyle. 2013

Miss Rachel Schofield, “Novel fabrication methods of polymersomes,” 2012.

Mr Joshua Smith, “Synthesis and Applications of Polymer Surfactants," Primary supervisor: Dr Tommy Horozov. 2012

Mr Philip Knight, “Cationic Polymers for Gene Delivery,” 2010

Miss Nyuk S Thein, “Synthesis and Surface Activity of Block Copolymers” Co-supervisor: Dr Tommy Horozov. 2010

Miss Katherine Bedford, “Porphyrin-based Polymeric Conjugates for Photodynamic," Co-supervisor Proffessor Ross Boyle. 2010

Mr Mark Ward, “Thermoresponsive Polymer Gels for Tissue Engineering,” 2009.

Miss Laura Hard, “Synthesis and Characterisation of Double Hydrophilic Cationic Star Polymers for Gene Delivery,” 2009.

Miss Natalie Luter, “Synthesis and Characterisation of Triblock Copolymers,” 2008

Mr Victor Getugi, “Synthesis and Characterisation of Cationic Biodegradable Polymers for Gene Delivery.” 2008

Miss Marie Warren, “Synthesis and Characterisation of Cationic Double-Hydrophilic Copolymers for Gene Delivery,” 2008

OTHER (visiting scholars, summer internships etc)

Mr Sebastian Czarnecki  (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), 2016

Mr Samuel Read, Summer 2016

Mr Charles Signoret (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, ENSCCF, France), Summer 2015

Miss Caroline Walsh (from MIT, in collaboration with Dr Alex Porter), Summer 2015

Miss Marion Branchy from École nationale supérieure de chimie de Rennes, ENSCR, France) Summer 2013

Mr Martin Jegou from École Supérieure de Chimie Organique et Minérale ESCOM, France), Summer 2012

Miss Ségolène Van Laecken from École nationale supérieure de chimie de Rennes, ENSCR, France), Collaboration with: Dr Vesselin N. Paunov, 2012

Miss Celine Le Gleuher from Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Chemie Clermont Ferrand, ENSCCF, France) Collaboration with: Prof. Ross Boyle, 2010


We apologise if we have missed anyone! Please let us know if we have.